Tattoo artist

Do you want to be a tattoo artist? Ok, then, you need to know a few things. First, your skill will determine whether you can last out as a tattoo artist or not, so you will have to develop the right skill set.

Are you looking for money?

If minting money is your aim, then you’re in the right business, but only if you’re really good. Sure, there’s a lot of money to be made here, but only if you run a clean, sterile and professional tattooing business. Apart from costly equipment, other expenses include medical equipment, sanitation supplies, insurance and licenses.

Now that we have established the money in this business, don’t presuppose that there is also fame to be earned here. You could get recognized for excellent work if you sweat it out for ages, but at the end of the day, it’s your skill that counts.

Skills required:

You may be artistic, but that doesn’t qualify you for the job of a tattoo artist. Tattooing is all about creating body art. You should have gone to fine arts class, and be willing to work long and hard to be a tattoo artist.

You also need to spend some time on learning to keep your client safe, how to prevent cross-contamination and to sterilize your equipment. You should consider safety of your client your first priority.

Once you learn these basics, you’ll learn to customize designs for your customers, apart from customer relations and how to run a tattoo business and manage your own studio while being apprenticed to a senior artist.

Steps to get the perfect tattoo:

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, so you need to relax your client before he chooses his design. Also, it’s good for both of you if you match each other temperamentally. Check out the steps given below to find the ideal match between yourself and your client:

Is your client calm?

With modern techniques, there isn’t a chance you could give your client a bad tattoo. That doesn’t mean you won’t come across dissatisfied customers. If they are, it means they got tattooed under pressure. So, see that your client is emotionally ready for a tattoo-an imprint for a lifetime.

Let your client select his design:

At your studio, your client’s first decision is to select a design. Make sure that the design he chooses is his choice alone, and not that of his friend or partner. It should be something he loves, and needn’t be something out of your studio.

Do you work with high quality stencils?

To get the perfect tattoo, you need to invest in the best tools-tattoo stencils. Use reputed stencils like Tattoo Johnny Original Artist Stencils and you’re sure to get every detail of your design accurately.

Try out your tattoo:

After selecting a tattoo, it’s time you and your client tried it out for size and positioning. In fact, test it for a day until you get used to this new body art.

Now that you are both trained and enthusiastic, get down to business without delay. Isn’t there someone knocking on your door?