Tattoo art

Tattoo art is as vibrant in form as it is detailed and can be seen in various forms. These are:

  • Permanent cosmetics: These tattoos enhance the eyebrows, lips, eyes and moles, usually with natural colors as the designs are intended to resemble makeup.
  • “Natural” tattoos: According to George Orwell, coal miners would invariably have tattoos on their wounds due to the formation of coal dust. But think of the agony one goes through if asphalt is rubbed in your wound caused by an accident. This is called a traumatic tattoo and as a result, not only is the asphalt difficult to remove as it spreads across several layer of the skin, but it causes scarring or permanent discoloration.
  • Temporary tattoos: These are like stickers that can be washed off with soap and water or oil-based creams when you don’t want them anymore. They are applied to the skin with water acting as a medium to transfer the design to the skin. They last only a few days and can be changed to match one’s clothes.
  • Henna or mehendi tattoos: This too lasts only two weeks and then begins to fade away.
  • Dyes and pigments: Your tattoo artist places the names of colors on a color wheel and visualizes the color palette. To tattoo, a wide range of dyes and pigments are used-from inorganic materials like titanium dioxide and iron oxides to carbon black, azo dyes, and acridine, quinoline, phthalocyanine and naphthol derivates.
  • Design your own tattoo:

    Just because you want your own tattoo doesn’t mean you draw it yourself. You can go to a good artist to get it done, after all remember that one pattern on your skin means living with it for a lifetime. Are you ready for this?

  • Before you choose a design, ask yourself why you want this particular tattoo. What does this symbol mean to you? Questions like this one can contribute to your final choice and position of your tattoo design. If you cannot answer your own questions, hold on. Wait until you find another time more appropriate to get a tattoo.
  • Think again:

    Does your design hark back to an important event in your experience, or a pet or a person? Though tattoos come in different shapes and designs, ultimately they mean a lot about you. With more and more people making up their own designs and not looking to the past for symbols, the accent is more on your spiritual or emotional experiences.

  • Your choice of design can be large or small, but think of the future when your design could have faded a bit or perhaps you have either put on or lost weight? Visualize how your tattoo will look then in your new circumstances and then decide whether you still want a tattoo.

    I sometimes give my artist the bare design and leave him to fill in the details. This makes it an original tattoo that no else will ever have. Want to try?