Sun Tattoos and their Significance

Sun tattoos are popular both among men and women for more reasons than their meaning. The reason behind the popularity of sun tattoos vary according to a person’ beliefs, cultures and personal thinking. From centuries people have been etching their bodies with sun tattoos.

Today, having a tattoo in the design of the sun doesn’t necessarily mean that you worship the sun. There are many reasons why a sun image might be personally meaningful, and why you might want to express this meaning through body art

Today sun tattoos are adorned for their virtual appearance rather than meaning. Every sun tattoo has its own meaning. Some reflect fun and others anger. A sun tattoo not always means fire; it can be designed into soft pattern by adding flowers or moon to sun giving a little fun. These tattoo designs can be rendered as evil angry suns or flaming suns.

Sun Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism:

  • A sun tattoo symbolizes vitality, personal power, leadership and dignity.
  • The sun represents the centralizing force that sustains, integrates and gives design to our individual existence.
  • It stands for the principle of selfhood.
  • The sun symbolizes the will that is necessary to creatively participate in the greater whole.
  • It symbolizes youth, vigour and masculinity.
  • Sun tattoos represent fertility, vitality, passion, courage.
  • Sun tattoos symbolize power, personal dignity, leadership, selfhood, eternal renewal, shining truth and light, centralized force and creativeness.

Besides selecting tattoo styles for sun tattoos, decisions must be made about whether to keep these tattoos black and white or whether to incorporate color. A more naturalistic, yellow or orange sun can be very bold and attractive.

Depending on how big it is, it can be tucked inside and elbow or wrist or it can spread across a lower back.

Sun tattoo designs can be found in many styles like Tribal suns, Celtic suns and Aztec suns. A sun tattoo can be big or small, perfectly round or semicircular, as if rising or setting behind a mountain.

Sun tattoo designs are sometimes combined with a moon or star image, or both – because these three make up the complete set of heavenly bodies.