Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos look very sexy, sensual, feminine, and dashing particularly for women. It’s almost hard to spot a young girl without a lower back tattoo these days.

Nearly 25% of the American population aged 18 to 50 has a tattoo, out of which almost 20% of the women have a lower back tattoo.

Why lower back tattoos are so famous?

Several attributes of lower back tattoos have made them popular. The lower back has enough space for a large design, and horizontal tattoo designs can be worked easily. Another advantage is that the lower back doesn’t change much with age or weight fluctuations, thus avoiding the tattoo becoming warped and faded as quickly.

Even a tiny girl can have a large tattoo on the small of the back. The tattoos are often oblong in shape, wider in the center of the back and following the slope on either side of the woman’ spine. A round tattoo at the base of the spine is a very different look, but can also be very attractive.

A lower back tattoo can be easily hidden. It is also easy to flash whenever you want regardless of your clothing style. The lower back tattoos go well with low cut jeans and short tops.

Pain associated with lower back tattoos:

The lower back is one of the more painful areas of the body to have a tattoo. The closer the tattoo to the bone, the more pain it gives.

Expenditure for lower back tattoos:

The price for lower back tattoos particularly depends on the tattoo design. These designs are usually quite large and detailed. This makes them time consuming to complete and therefore expensive.

Designs that go well with lower back tattoos:

Designs like tribal designs, dragons, flowers, dolphins, turtles, butterflies look really great for lower back.Other popular forms of lower back tattoo designs are Arabic lettering , Celtic tattoos , Japanese kanji lettering, heart tattoos , rose tattoos , sun tattoos, wing tattoos .