Liquid Latex Body Painting

Liquid latex is a best thing for body painting. This unique material is popular for painted-on costuming effects in the movies, music videos and in the fetish dance club scene.

Once it sets, it is much less messy than any other body paints. And the setting time is quite quick. It is also removed easily without any difficulty.

It applies best with wide foam brushes. Painting each coat in a different direction will make the latex more durable and give a smoother finish too. Some interesting designs can be made with more than one color.

Things to remember in liquid latex body painting:

  • It is possible for someone to have a latex allergy! Anyone with latex allergy should completely avoid any and all contact with liquid latex. For a better painting, first test it on an arm or leg. Keep it for several hours, then remove it and see if there is any reddening, irritation or undue skin sensation. A slight itching may be normal when the skin begins to breathe under the latex, but if there is a persistent uncomfortable sensation, stop and do not use this product.
  • Be especially careful not to let two painted parts of the body touch each other, as they will bind instantly and tear the latex.
  • Make multiple coats for easy removal, as multiple coats form a strong layer, which peels off easily.
  • It can be painted on over unshaved skin, but if you’re really hairy, shaving will be an option for a nicer finish.
  • Avoid eyes, the nose and mouth as the latex contains ammonia, this degasses as the liquid dries.
  • After the latex painting is over, the surface needs to be sealed or finished, which stops sticking and tearing. For this use a water/silicone-based polish.
  • If any areas are stuck to body hair after removal, apply a little lotion or vegetable oil, wait a bit and then remove slowly.

Removal of liquid latex body painting:

To remove liquid latex body painting the outfit can be cut safely with paramedics’ shears or torn just by pulling.