Henna tattoo designs

Henna refers to the Arab name of the bush lawsonia inermis. When its leaves are crushed, you get henna dust and if you make a paste of it with water, you get a henna paste which is used to apply designs on one’s palms, hands and feet.

It is known as mehandi in India and has over 20 variations such as mehendi, mehendhi and mehdhi. It is also referred to as “tattooings of henna.” Henna tattoo designs are not traditional tattoos but a temporary decoration of the skin. However, they have become popular by treating our bodies as a canvas for such beautiful art.

Though the Middle Eastern style comprised floral patterns inspired by Arabic carvings, paintings and textiles, it did not follow a specific pattern. But the North American style brought out the shape of the feet and hands more by using geometric floral patterns.

Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles blended Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blobs of mehendi on the finger tips and toes. Among the Celts, henna designs are in the shape of bands and knots.

Experimenting with a henna tattoo design:

  • Do a patch test on your skin with the same henna mixture that you will use for your tattoo. Leave it on for as long as you would your actual tattoo.
  • Wait a couple of days for any signs of reaction before going ahead with your henna tattoo.
  • If there are no signs of reaction, go ahead and paint patterns on your body.
  • If you intend having a darker pattern, leave the mixture on for longer and brush off with dried henna.
  • Let the pattern darken over the next few days.

Application of henna stencils-what you need:

  • Stencils for both tattooing and home decoration.
  • Henna
  • Airbrush guns
  • Face paints
  • Makeup
  • Glitter gels
  • Hairspray
  • Step-by-step instructions for henna stencil tattoos:

    • Remove white backing paper carefully
    • Apply stencil to skin
    • Slowly peel back clear protective sheet
    • Apply henna to skin
    • Leave to dry for about one hour
    • When henna is dry, crumble off and remove stencil.
    • Leave henna overnight before washing area of tattoo

    Tips to remember:

    • Henna designs last about 5-15 days depending on the richness of color, the part of your body tattooed, the time that you leave it to mature and lastly, how often you wash your hands.
    • Large designs usually take 30-45 minutes while small designs take 15-30 minutes to apply.
    • In a henna color paste tube you can find the following colors-black, brown, green, violet, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, magenta and golden.
    • Now go ahead and apply the most beautiful of henna designs.