Flower Tattoos and their Significance

Flower tattoos have become one of the hottest sectors of the tattoo industry. The image of a flower tattoo can be so captivating for a woman that it stirs up all her senses.

Nowadays women are crazy about tattooing  flower tattoos on their bodies who often see their tattoo as an extra accessory. Though flower tattoos are popular amongst females, but not an uncommon tattoos for males when incorporated with other symbols.

Significance of Flower Tattoos:

  • Women look more appealing, sexier, feminine and more powerful with flower tattoos.
  • One of the biggest attractions of flower tattoos is the fact that they tend not to date and will probably just as popular in twenty years as they are now.
  • Many women choose to have a tattoo because they think of it as having a piece of artwork that they can have with them wherever they go.
  • You use words for your explanations and emotions but there are some feelings which are far beyond the words. Flower tattoos are the best medium of expressing your feelings to others without words.
  • Flowers are perfect as a tattoo image because they are associated with life, color, pleasant scents, and special sentiments.
  • Flower tattoos are popular because of their beauty, ability to be personalized, and association with nature.
  • Flowers have their own individual meanings and it is a good idea to find the meaning behind the flower that you choose.
  • Most people appreciate the beauty of flower tattoos and see their value when they look at flowers and also feel a sense joy and vitality.
  • An increasing number of women choose the lotus flower as a tattoo. The Lotus flower has a long history and in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions it is seen as a sign of waking to a spiritual reality.
  • The lotus is also a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, representing good fortune, peace and enlightenment.
  • A rose can signify eternal love and beauty but if the rose is black or is entangled with barbed wire then it tends to have a darker meaning.
  • Flower tattoos are the most liked tattoos now. Each type of flower is associated with its own symbolism. However, each type of flower has its own, more specific meaning, derived from ancient mythology, and various other cultures and traditions.
  • There are various reasons for selection of a particular flower tattoo, as some times it is selected for the reasons of culture and divinity, sometimes it symbolizes the characteristics of personality and sometimes it is liked because flower are the sign of beauty and innocence.

These are some special flower tattoos which symbolize different meanings:

  • Baby’s Breath symbolizes purity of heart.
  • Buttercup symbolizes riches.
  • Carnation symbolizes fidelity and love.
  • Cherry Blossom symbolizes spiritual beauty.
  • Daffodil symbolizes deceitfulness, hope, unrequited love.
  • Daisy symbolizes innocence.
  • Peach Blossom symbolizes captivity.
  • Honeysuckle symbolizes bonds of love
  • Rhododendron Signifies “I am dangerous.”
  • Sunflower symbolizes sheer beauty.
  • Water Lily symbolizes purity of heart.
  • White Lilies symbolizes purity and sweetness.
  • Zinnia symbolizes thoughts of absent friends.

Have a gorgeous flower tattoo!