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Temporary Tattoos with Eyeliner

It is very difficult to decide whether to get a tattoo or not as tattooing is a permanent body art form. Designs that interest you […]

Care for Henna Tattoos

Women love to decorate their bodies with the help of henna tattoos. These tattoos are not permanent form of tattooing. These temporary tattoos are also […]

Health Risks of Temporary Tattoos

People prefer getting their bodies inked with temporary tattoos in order to avoid pain involved with the permanent tattooing. They are harmless and can be […]

Complications of Henna Tattoos

Most of them may not want to sport a permanent mark on their body and henna tattoos are the best options for people like them. […]

How to Make a Real Looking Temporary Tattoo?

Several reasons may be there for someone to desire to get a temporary tattoo inked on their body. Temporary tattoos are a great way to […]

Temporary Tattoo – Can You Make the Ink at Home?

Many individuals think of getting a tattoo and eventually shy away from it. They finally contemplate not to go ahead with the process of tattooing. […]

Homemade Temporary Tattoos

Do you wish to have a tattoo but are unsure about the pain and permanence involved? If your answer is yes, then here is a […]

What are Temp Tattoos?

A temp tattoo or temporary tattoo is non-permanent tattoo. It resembles a true tattoo. Temp tattoos can be airbrushed, painted or simply drawn as a […]

What is Mehndi Tattoo?

A Brief Introduction: Mehndi, also referred to be Henna Tattoo, is an ancient Indian body design art. It is a painless temporary tattoo. Traditionally, it […]

Tribal Tattoo Flash

Flash tattoos have become very popular of late as they are available to the public very easily. These tattoos are those which are printed or […]