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Tattoo Removal Prices

Tattoos are becoming a hot favorite form of body art among many tattoo lovers and aficionados, mostly in youngsters in recent times. The underlying reason […]

Tattoo and Cover Up Makeup – Conceal Your Tattoo

Makeup products to cover up a tattoo are gaining huge popularity among many due to its perfect results. As more and more are getting attracted […]

Home Tattoo Removal

Many people flock to a tattoo artist to get a tattoo done and make a style statement! Although, a few might be hugely disappointed with […]

Tattoo Removal – Variot Technique

A few people start to dislike or regret their tattoos as the tattoo loses its significance or intensity of the color. They try different ways […]

Stages of Tattoo Removal

Most of us after getting a tattoo tend to regret it later. We think of the ways to remove the tattoo from our body. There […]

Prepare for Tattoo Removal

Removing tattoos is a long process which involves several steps. These tattoo removal steps could be expensive and painful. If you don’t like your tattoo […]

Excision Tattoo Removal

One of the popular methods of tattoo removal is excision tattoo removal technique. This is a surgical method to remove tattoos effectively. This method of […]

How to Get Rid of Tattoos

When tattoos become ”curses”, what will you do? ”Curses” refer to tattoo side effects or infection or disease. You are advised to remove the tattoos […]

Runic Tattoos and their Mysterious Nature

Rune means ‘secret’. There is a lot of history which is associated with the Runic tattoos. The runes are a form of writing which is […]

Top 5 Best Celebrity Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Tramp stamp is the ‘in’ thing for most of the women in Hollywood. The lower back tattoo which is one of the sexiest tattoo spots […]