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Tattoos on Stretch Marks

Many people may experience sudden weight gain or growth spurt when they are young. This sudden gain or excess weight is mostly seen in women […]

Vine Tattoos on Foot

People love getting a tattoo inked on their body as there are a variety of designs and patterns that they can experiment with. They should […]

Koi Sleeve Tattoo Meaning

Koi tattoos on the sleeve have various interpretations and significance. If you koi tattoo design is shown to swim in the upstream direction, then it […]

World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist

Most individuals spend a lot of time on researching various tattoo artists and designs before committing to getting a tattoo. At this juncture, a stress […]

Top Five Reasons to Get Tattooed

If you ask a person who got tattooed: why did you do that to yourself ? His reply may be as simple as that: I […]

Alyson Hannigan Tattoos

Alyson Hannigan started as a teenage star and now has flourished into a main stream actress in Hollywood. Her role in the daily soap “How […]

Foot Tattoo Design

The rarest location where you can get a tattoo done is on your feet. Firstly, because lot of people avoid it because of the pain […]

Ankle Tattoo for Girls

When the craze for tattooing started, girls who sported tattoos were considered to be rebellious. But that’s not the case anymore. Don’t be surprised to […]

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Bracelet tattoo is one of the most common tattoo which is observed often. Mostly people get the tattoo on their wrist or on their ankle. […]

Moon Tattoo for Girls

Sun is the masculine element and moon is the feminine element. Moon is therefore considered as a girl tattoo and most of the men do […]