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Tattoo Ink Chemistry

Before getting into the details of tattoo ink chemistry, let us have a look at what inks are usually used for tattooing. The contents used […]

How to Minimize Tattoo Scarring?

Tattoos look beautiful when the right design using right colors and a good tattoo placement is sported. However, people can experience tattoo scarring due to […]

Health Risks with Tattoo Parlors

Tattooing is the modern form of body art, a person usually gets a design which is attractive and which symbolizes his/her personality engraved on the […]

Complications of Henna Tattoos

Most of them may not want to sport a permanent mark on their body and henna tattoos are the best options for people like them. […]

Danger of Tattoo Ink

Many people have various questions in their mind regarding the safety concerns of tattooing and tattoo ink. However, there are several dangers associated with the […]

Danger of Illegal Tattoos

Many people love to sport a tattoo in order to express what they feel for deep inside. However, there are certain health complications such as […]

Tattoo Ink Allergies

We often tend to find many people sporting various kinds of tattoos on their back, legs or arms, in spite of the several risks associated […]

Tattoos and Diabetes

People love to get their bodies tattooed as it is considered one of the permanent and best form of body art. This art requires injection […]

How to Know if a Tattoo is Infected?

A tattoo can be used as a means of self expression and an infected tattoo can definitely be a bad news for a person sporting […]

Tattoo Ink Poisoning Symptoms

Tattooing was considered as an ancient form of art practiced by the people way back in 3200 BC. Tattooing technology is ruling the world today […]