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Top 10 Tattoo Artists

Tattoo is a special way show one’s personality. It strongly expresses an individual tendency to something or somebody and conveys profound personal wishes. A nice […]

Female Celebrity Tattoos

What is hot in female celebrities? Sexy tattoos are used by many celebrities to enhance their reputation. From neck tattoos to ankle tattoos, female celebrities […]

David Arquette Tattoos

David Arquette is more popularly known as husband of ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox. David is also known for his versatile career skills. He was involved […]

Summer Altice Tattoos

Summer Altice is the 100th sexiest women in the 2002 survey of Stuff magazine. She is also seen in the movie “The Scorpion King”. There […]

Reese Witherspoon tattoo

Reese Witherspoon is very well known for her comical acting in movies like Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde 2 etc. She also has […]

Joaquin Phoenix Tattoo

The famous Commodus from the movie Gladiator who starred opposite Russell Crowe is non other than Joaquin Phoenix. He is known for his unconventional roles. […]

Jennifer Aniston tattoo

There are a lot of rumors running around the tattoo which Jennifer Aniston does not have. The former Friends star, is said to have a […]

Charlize Theron Tattoos

The Academy award winner for the movie Monster, Charlize Theron has secured a place for herself in the leading actress race. She has come to […]

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

The teen aged pop singer is not just cute and bubbly but also very innovative and bold. She is known to have done all the […]

Natasha Henstidge Tattoos

Who can forget the Species lead actress. Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian model who has rocked the fashion world when she first came on to […]