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Airbrush Body Paint

Air brush paint is one of the best body paints that looks extremely amazing when beautiful designs and colors are used. Airbrush body paint can […]

Cheek Painting Ideas

Cheek painting is the best activity that can be conducted at parks, carnivals, picnics or even at home. People of all ages can experiment with […]

Airbrush Body Paint – How to Make it?

Airbrush body paint can either be bought already mixed or made at your own home. You should carefully consider two factors – the proportions of […]

Body Painting Ideas

The art of body painting offers endless possibilities. It is a tough call to narrow down the ideas of body painting. But if you choose […]

What’s the Meaning Behind Your Tattoo?

Behind each tattoo, there is a story. No matter what kind of design your tattoo has, the image of your tattoo may be associated with […]

Thai Tattoos

Introduction In Thailand, most men get tattooed for the sake of spiritual and religious faith. For Thai people, meaningless artistic displays are not what they […]

Christian Tattooing

Tattooing and The Bible What does the Bible teach about tattooing? Does the Bible forbid the act of tattooing? There are still wide discussions about […]

Can a Catholic Bear a Tattoo?

The Catholic Morality of Tattooing In the Old Testament, the Chosen people are encouraged not to make any cutting in the flesh. As such, body […]

Buddhist Tattoo

Just like other religions, Buddhism has its own symbols to reinforce and echo its basic tenets. Buddhist tattoos reflect the teachings and symbolisms of Buddhism. […]

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

It is a thrilling experience to get a tattoo. Chances are you are too overwhelmed to decorate your body to ignore some important things. Here […]