Best Tips and Techniques for Face Painters

Face painting is popular today. More and more people are fascinated by the art and are hiring face painters for events and celebrations to make them memorable. Face painting as a profession and hobby is fun and can be rewarding in the long run.

Here are some best face painting tips and techniques for face painters.

  • Don’t use paints and glitters that are not approved by FDA. Try to know the details and safety about the paint before use.
  • Don’t decorate the face with things that are not meant for skin.
  • Carefully avoid paint getting into eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
  • Outline the design before you start and after the finishing touch.
  • For outlining use a thin outlining brush or a liner pencil.
  • Color the face according to the subject and occasion.
  • Start with lighter colors and then go to darker ones.
  • Allow the first color to dry before applying a second layer. If you don’t, they’ll mix and you’ll probably have to wipe it off and start again.
  • Also, rather than applying one thick layer of paint, which may crack, apply a thin layer, let it dry, then apply another.
  • Don’t use metallic craft glitter for face painting. The only safe glitters for face painting are made of polyester, and should be .008 microns in size or smaller. That is the size that the FDA classifies as “cosmetic size” and safe for use on skin.
  • Avoid using alcohol as a sanitizer for brushes and sponges. It promotes bacterial growth. Any traces of the alcohol left on the brush or sponge can cause pain to sensitive tissue areas like the eye area.
  • Avoid painting on contagious skin, sores or wounds, acne and infected skin.
  • Red and green colors have a tendency to sting around the eyes. Both have a tendency to slightly stain the skin. Make sure you end the design slightly away from the eyes.
  • Wash your hands with baby wipes or hand sanitizers between each customer.
  • Ensure you’re comfortable with your position to protect your back.
  • Keep the work area and tools clean. It is advised to rinse your tools in hot water than soap.
  • Check kids if they have head lice. It is to prevent head lice contamination.
  • Paint hearts, balloons, insects, butterflies, dolphins, fish, cartoons, clowns, spider man for kids.