Best Tattoo Design Ideas for Lower Back

Are you looking for a lower back tattoo design? Women are really crazy about lower back tattoos and they often search for design ideas. Here are some lower back tattoo design ideas to get you started.

A lot of people choose designs that dip down in the middle toward their rear which really look sexy. If you wish something similar , some tattoo designs that work really well for this are tribal designs, Celtic tattoos, flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.

Most lower back tattoo designs with curls or swirls that radiate out toward the sides of your back with a central theme in the middle is also an excellent choice. This type of design blend better with your body and look more like it belongs there rather than like it was just stuck there.

If you really love flowers, you can choose a design that has stems or branches sort of radiating out towards the sides of your back with a cluster of flowers in the middle.

You can choose beautiful birds with wings extended. People use this type of design rarely. By choosing this, you can have a unique tattoo. Even you can select wild birds for a great change.

Zodiac signs, sun, moon or stars can all make great lower back tattoos.

If you like something wild and masculine, you can choose dragons or the one like Angelina Jolie’ Bengal Tiger. Dragons always look great and can be curved nicely to really accent your shape.

Here are some popular lower back tattoo designs:

  • Fairy tattoo designs
  • Flower tattoo designs
  • Star tattoo designs
  • Tribal tattoo designs