Stitch Tattoo Ideas

People love sporting tattoos and they try experimenting with various designs that will help them stand out in a crowd. Though tattoos are all about making a statement, tribute, memory or personal expression, people tend to try various other designs in which all these aspects are incorporated in a unique way. Stitch tattoo patterns are the most happening designs among the young crowd. One can create both simple and at the same time extravagant images with these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following stitch tattoo ideas will provide you with the basic ideas that can be used to incorporate various other designs as well.

  • Stitched Wounds: These tattoo types are inked in the form of medical stitches and are quite popular. Stitch wounds are inked using gruesome and dark tattoo style where the stitches are made to appear as if they are reattached from the limbs. You can make the design look a little weired by getting your head severed completely. This can be done by making your head appear as if it is attached to the neck with the help of a few loose stitches.
  • Patches: Fabric patches are in fashion and they are among a few favorite tattoo designs. This is known as the scarecrow type of style and is quite popular among many people and it helps in adding extra dimension to the design. These designs look a little less gruesome than the above mentioned medical stitch tattoos. You can get a tattoo that portrays stuffed things bursting out of a tear. You can attach a couple of patches together as well. You sport a dramatic design that looks as if a broken heart has been stitched back together hurriedly.
  • Cross Stitch: This is quite uncommon as it involves cross stitching. A cross stitch looks good only on people who are great lovers of this type of stitching. These tattoos are also popular among people who value family cross stitch pattern. These designs as if they are stitched on to the skin. You can get your favorite sayings, quotes, pictures or anything you like inked in this pattern. These tattoos are both unique and delicate as long as you avoid including offensive styles or bad languages.
  • Lettering: Tattoos can be used to communicate messages and this can be through a language, cartoon, idea or a picture. You can create a unique tattoo font that helps in conveying the words of your mind. Get the letters inked in the form of stitches and you get your favorite quotes, one liners or poems inked in the form of stitched pattern.

This was about stitch tattoo ideas that look good only when they are inked by a professional tattoo artist. Proper after care of the tattoo is also important to avoid fading of the tattoo and infections.

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