Waistline Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos were common only among particular group of men like prisoners and sailors as a favorite pastime earlier. These days, this modern body art is equally popular among women too. Men can display their masculinity by getting a tattoo inked on their stomach or waistline. There are numerous waistline tattoo ideas for men that will suit their personality accordingly. Waistline is the best area to get a large design inked. One can try getting a violent weapon inked along with a sexy image on the waistline. Take a look at the various tattoo options that suit men perfectly.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are some of the good tattoo ideas for men that look extremely good when they are inked on the waistline.

  • Weapon: Most of the tattoo enthusiasts prefer getting the images of various weapons inked on their waistline as tattoos were associated with criminals and gangs earlier. Men who want to live up to the bad boy image can get a weapon inked on their waistline. These designs create an effect of you having a dangerous weapon tucked inside your pants. One can prefer getting a tattoo featuring a cap gun, dagger or a pistol on this area.
  • Six Pack: Tattoos are commonly seen in most of the biker bars. One can try getting a tattoo of six pack of beer on the waistline. A six pack of beer will display your love for them. You can also get the concept of “six pack” inked using light visual referenced on your abs. You can create various variations of these tattoos that suit to celebrate your favorite beverage or personality. Men who do not drink alcohol can also get a pack of soda inked on them.
  • Naughty Images: Pin-up models and scanity clad hula girls are the most commonly preferred tattoo ideas for men. Sporting these tattoos may have to be inked on discreet areas as there are chances for them to create conflicts in professional environment and may also attract few dirty looks from the viewers. One can get a naughty tattoo inked on the waistline using classic tattoo imagery as this will help in avoiding social taboo. These tattoos will only be visible once you take your shirt off.

This was about various tattoo ideas for men that look great when bright and attractive colors are used. You can also get the images of a snake or a dragon twisted around your waistline to make a unique design.

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