Unusual Tattoo Ideas for a Woman

Tattoos have become equally common among women and they are also being open to experiment with all kinds of designs ranging from delicate to bold. Women use them as hottest accessories to look unique and attractive. Women can get a few good, simple or unique designs inked on any part of their body. There are also a few unusual and good tattoo ideas for a woman available in the market. These tattoos look good on a woman who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following unusual tattoo ideas for a woman can be sported on any part of the body. These tattoos look good on women of all ages too.

  • Tribal Designs: These are very popular among men since many years than among women. Women may have to opt for large tribal designs in order to add more sex appeal to the design. These designs can be inked starting from the side of the breast to the rib cage, working down towards the buttocks. These large and sweeping designs will help in enhancing the curves and shape of a woman beautifully. These designs look great when they are inked in bold and unique colors.
  • Memorial Tattoos: These tattoos will help in showing your love for the person who holds a special place in your life. Memorial tattoos are the most popular designs among both men and women. You can create your own personal memorial or you can even customize them to look unique and unusual. These tattoos are used for people who have passed away, but they can also be used for your loved ones and children too.
  • Tattooed Foot: Tattoos on foot are quite popular among women as they can be easily concealed with the help of shoes whenever necessary. Dolphin, small starburst or a heart look great on top of the foot. If you want to look unique, then get a “sleeve” that covers your entire foot inked. These designs are neat, intricate and at the same time unusual too. These designs are very effective in grabbing too much of attention!

This was about various unusual or unique tattoo ideas for a woman. Women can be more open and can come with a few more ideas that may start off a new trend in this tattoo world.

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