Vegan Tattoo Ideas

A good tattoo explains a lot about the wearer. If you are a vegan, then your tattoo should concentrate more on your lifestyle choice as a major part of the story. Before you get into a conclusion of getting yourself inked with an image of a traditional vegan design or the word “vegan” inked in flowery script or an endangered animal image, take a look at the following vegan tattoo ideas. These ideas will help in expressing your individuality along with your pride and membership in this vegan community.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following vegan tattoo ideas look great on people who belong to this community.

  • Awareness: Vegans generally prefer being conscious regarding cruelty towards animals, while most of us ignore it completely. You can use this design to represent or display the power of awareness. Tibetan letter “A” is usually used as a meditation tool by Buddhist mystics in order to focus on the actual world outside. They also use this letter to become free from delusion and fantasy distractions. One can get a tattoo representing this sacred symbol in order to represent his/her renunciation of delusional living personally.
  • Chicken, Cows and Pigs: All these animals are considered as staple meat for many people in this world. You can use these animals to represent bald eagles, mountain lions and bobcats in the form of fashionable tattoo designs. Ask your tattoo artist to ink a cow in a profound look, a pig that looks noble and chicken in a patriotism symbol. A professional tattoo artist will be able to easily make these designs look serious and at the same time sexy too.
  • Keep it in Ink: Usually vegans do not wear designs on their sleeves of their choices. They do not like to announce what they feel on their flesh. A vegan can get the tattoo of any design that does not contain any kind of animal byproducts in it. For this, you can choose a design that completely contradicts your vegan style. The point you want to state should be reflected in the ink.

This was about various vegan tattoo ideas. You can even come up with your design that symbolizes your pride in being a vegan.

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