Pectoral Tattoo Ideas

The chest or pectoral area is considered as a popular location to get a tattoo inked. This area can be easily covered if the wearer does not want to show off his/her tattoo. One can try various pectoral tattoo ideas as they look great on both men and women. You can read on to know more about a few ideas that look better only on the chest area.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Take a look at the following pectoral tattoo ideas that can be sported by both men and women.

  • Tribal: These designs are very popular and are commonly used for this body art including pectoral tattoos. Neo and classic tribal designs work great on this area. You can even extend these tattoos up to your sleeve as well later in the future. You can also experiment with various other tattoo styles like the Polynesian and Maori designs. These designs can be very easily developed on the chest area.
  • Japanese: This style tattoos are the most common and unique designs that look ideal for a perfect pectoral tattoo. There are various aspect of these designs that help you either concentrate on one complete design or combine two or more together. Most common features of this Japanese body art mainly include maple leaves, cherry blossoms, wind bars, foo dogs and dragons. You can include wind bars or waves if you are planning to combine more than one design. You can use waves for water designs like koi and wind bars for air designs like dragons.
  • Hearts: These are the most common and popular pectoral tattoo ideas preferred by many people. Sacred hearts are considered as the traditional or old-school style of tattooing. They are very popular among many people and are considered as a catholic symbol. Many people prefer getting this tattoo inked in order to display their religious connotations.
  • Female Chest Tattoos: The word “pectoral” is commonly used to describe a man’ chest. However, these tattoos are not uncommon among women as they love to sport beautiful tattoos on their chest too. There are several feminine options available for these designs and a few of them include stars, cupcakes, anchors, fruits, cherries, butterflies, flowers, rose blooms and swallows. If you want to sport a traditional design, then you can opt for crossed pistols.

This was about pectoral tattoo ideas. One can experiment with various other options that look great on the chest area. You can ask your tattoo artist to use vibrant colors to make them look attractive. See that the tattoo artist uses sterilized equipment to ink the tattoo.

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