Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Peacocks are eye-catching and compelling. The vibrant colors on their feathers have inspired various arts, myths and admiration for centuries. One can sport a peacock tattoo just to display their admiration for the most beautiful bird. There are several peacock tattoo ideas that can be used to display your love for the bird and your association with them. These tattoos are inked using various color patterns and designs. They are usually inked in green and blue colors mostly. One can also design his/her own design that will fit well with any reason along with aesthetic preference too.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Take a look at the following peacock tattoo ideas that will provide you with an idea on how you can experiment with the various designs.

  • Peacock Feather: Getting the feather of a peacock inked on you is an excellent idea for people who are seeking to get a peacock design or who love their feathers. Peacock feather tattoos look great on your thigh, calf or upper arm. Feathers inked in blue color along with a complex mixture of various colors like copper, sapphire and aquamarine will look extremely attractive.
  • Cartoon Peacock: One can get a tattoo that shows a preening, prancing cartoon peacock. These designs look good on people who want to show the humorous side of the design. People who love dressing up and fashion are usually called peacocks in a funny way. Therefore, you can depict a conceited-looking peacock with feathers or you can also get a peacock looking down at other birds that are less-flashy.
  • Full-Fan Peacock: You can also design this bird with tail feathers fanned out beautifully and out of glory. These tattoos look great on large locations like chest or back. You can take few pictures of the peacock you want to get inked to your tattoo artist. You can also ask your tattoo artist to ink the peacock eyes with actual eyes for a slight and subtle visual effect.
  • Pair of Peacocks: You can also get a tattoo that shows a peahen and a peacock standing beside each other if you want to pay a homage to these mythical associations. These designs symbolize immortality and love.

These are various peacock tattoo ideas that look great when they are inked using vibrant and bold colors. These tattoos look great on both men and women.

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