Zebra Tattoo Ideas

People can sport these tattoos either to display their love for zebras or just to appreciate the way they look. There are various zebra tattoo ideas that can be inked using several styles according to the wearer’s choices and preferences. These tattoos help in reflecting the wearer’s interests and personality. Do not get scared of getting a zebra inked on you just because it is uncommon and unusual. Check the following tattoo ideas to get a view on the various options.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few zebra tattoo ideas that will give you an idea on how to use this animal as a tattoo in a variety of ways.

  • Portrait: One can try getting a realistic, straight forward portrait of a zebra. One can get the tattoo inked as a whole zebra running or standing or just a head shot of the zebra too. Location of the tattoo is completely your choice. See that you choose your back if you want to get the entire zebra design tattooed on you. Back provides large space and it accommodates large design easily. Get these tattoos inked from a tattoo artist who is confident enough to carve such animal portraits.
  • Cartoon: These designs look great on people who are looking for some lighthearted designs. One can get a super cool cartoon-style zebra inked on any part of their body. Options for this design may range from Disney-style zebra, cutesy to a tough punk zebra. You can pretty well take your ideas to a tattoo artist and he/she will be able to design a zebra according to your specifications.
  • Tribal: These look great on people who are looking for some interesting zebra tattoo ideas. A tribal zebra tattoo is usually inked in solid black lines similar to the normal stripes. Another unique idea would be filling a tribal style design with solid black zebra print.
  • Zebra Print: A zebra print looks great on people who do not prefer to get the entire zebra inked on them. One can choose a simple zebra print on any part of the skin. You can choose a band or patch of zebra print and it can be either large or small and get it inked on your entire sleeve or half sleeve. One can also alternatively choose a very simple geometric shape like a star or a heart instead of a solid color filled with zebra print.

This was about zebra tattoo ideas. You can also use zebra print as a filling for any of the tattoo ideas you wish to sport.

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