UV Tattoo Ideas

Many people opt for various UV tattoo ideas as they look attractive when they glow under the black light, and for a unique look too. Ultraviolet-reactive (UV) becomes invisible under normal light sources. It is important to select a good black light-responsive tattoo that fits the occasion well. One can get a heartfelt design that depicts his/her child’s face, it will look extremely beautiful under the back lights of any seedy bars. For various safety reasons one must select black light reactive tattoo ink that does not contain phosphors. This product may result in causing rashes, blistering, itching and even cancer.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few good UV tattoo ideas that look unique when sported on the right part of the body. Many people prefer getting these tattoos inked on various parts of their body to display them to the world.

  • X-Ray: One can select a scientific theme for a unique look as scientific methods have started invading modern culture too. You can get or create certain artistic images with the help of lab technology. One can create an interesting as well as a haunting X-ray design or image with the help of these scientific images. These image can reveal the bone structure of the human body that gets exposed under the back light.
  • Secret Society: These are generally present in college campuses as they have become prevalent in this contemporary culture. Many social cliques follow a suit and creatively name themselves. They also create a gang-like symbolism that inspires loyalty. “Cincinnati Seven” will look great on you and your pals if you are playful. “Miami Mavens” also looks great on people who are fun loving. You can get the name or symbol of your secret society inked using these UV tattoo ideas.
  • Illuminating Objects: These are considered as one of the popular UV tattoo ideas preffered by many people. One difficulty with the tattoos is that the tattoo artist may not represent all the lit objects with the help of common traditional ink. However, one can create this effect with the help of black-light responsive ink. The images of illuminating objects may include flames with a sense of hyper-realism. One can experiment with glowing electric eels, lamps and sun images that glow under the black light venue.
  • Hidden Images: One can use UV ink to get a secret message inked on his/her body. These messages may vary from favorite saying to a favorite line and one can use these images as an occasional reminder too. You can even create certain hidden meanings along with the secret messages. One can get an angel inked with invisible devil horns that only show up under the black light which might look extremely crazy. One can use this image to portray his/her lurking evil presence underneath the sweet appearance.

This was about various UV tattoo ideas that look extremely attractive under the black light. These are unique tattoo ideas and they look great on both men and women. Get them inked from a licensed professional to avoid complications.

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