Belly Button Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are considered as a form of permanent graphics that can be etched on the skin with the help of ink and needles. However, this art does not belong to any particular culture or race and this art was practiced by the African people and Egyptian women several years back. People in the past sported tattoos on various parts of their body including abdomens and thighs. A tattoo on the belly button was quite popular during the ancient times and is also popular in today’ world too. There are several belly button tattoo ideas that make your abdomen look even more attractive. Read on to know more about other tattoo options as choosing a right design for your abdomen is very important.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Take a look at the following belly button tattoo ideas and choose a design that fits well with your personality.

  • Flowers: Girls prefer flowers than guys as they tend to add beauty to a woman’ overall appearance. These look great on any part of the body especially on places where it is difficult to carve any other design. You can get any kind of flower inked on your belly button. Get creative by using the belly button as the flower’ center. Few of the good flower choices mainly include daffodils, dahlias, poppies, lilies and daisies. Get the petals of these flowers spread out from the center of the abdomen. Adding few vines and leaves to the basic design will definitely add beauty.
  • Animals: These designs are common and they look great on both men and women. One can use animals to symbolize his/her character or one can use it as a piece of decoration. One needs a lot of creativity to choose a design that portrays his/her personality. Usage of the belly button as an open mouth of an animal will definitely be a great idea. Bears, dragons, wildcats, panthers and wolves are a few popular tattoo ideas that look great on the belly button.
  • Symbols: A person planning to get a tattoo inked on the belly button can design his/her own symbol. Symbols are considered as common belly button tattoo ideas and they may include logos, curves and waves. One can get the symbol encircling his/her belly button or one can get the symbol placed on top of the abdomen.

This was about belly button tattoo ideas. You can come up with your own design that will make you abdomen look attractive. See that you take proper care of the tattoo as this area is more prone to infections.

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