Turtle Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can be used as a great way to express the inner thoughts and feelings as they are beautiful form of body art. However, people use tattoos for various reasons in their life. Some use them to simply commemorate exciting experience, while others use them as memorials. Turtle tattoo ideas look great on both men and women and they look very attractive too. Turtles are quite popular among many people as they can be sported in either small or large designs. These designs have special meanings according to the wearer’ preference. Take a look at the following article to know how use this tattoo idea in various ways.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following turtle tattoo ideas will look great on both men and women.

  • Tribal Tattoo: This tattoo looks great on a person of any age and gender. The sharp, swirling lines and thick points of tribal-designed turtle will look absolutely stunning with other tattoos ranging from roses to skulls. Tribal turtle tattoo ideas are one of the most common and popular tattoo ideas. These tattoos look great on people planning to sport a tattoo for the very first time and they fit well on back of the neck or shoulder. The geometric and artistic nature of these designs will make them look like a unique art piece on any part of the skin. These tattoos come in various designs like generic outlines filled with swirls and symmetrical lines; Native Americans geometric patterns and highly complicated Celtic knots too.
  • Realistic Turtles: These designs look great on people who have a liking for these cute water creatures. One can get a realistic tattoo inked on them. Pick up certain sea turtles that have light green scales, curved flippers and shells on them as they look attractive. These designs look great and realistic with a curling wave background. One can also get a small box turtle with orange design patterns on the shell along with buttercups and grass in the background.
  • Cartoon Turtles: These turtles are quite common among women. However, cartoon turtles also look great on men too. These designs have exaggerated features like full of teeth, grin or frown, mouth that smiles, wide and expressive eyes. These turtles have rounded body parts and heads. You can get them inked using any color. You can even get the turtle inked along with shoes, hats and walking on two legs. These designs look great on people who already have similar tattoos.

This was about turtle tattoo ideas. One can also add other tattoos to these basic designs to make them look unique.

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