Lucky 13 Tattoo Ideas

Many people consider this term “Lucky 13” ironic as it is typically associated with either bad omens or bad luck. You can come up with various lucky 13 tattoo ideas that can add humor and at the same time portray some deep meaning. One can combine certain images that are associated with both good luck and bad luck in order to create edgy and a funny design. You can also use these lucky 13 designs to display that you are born under this bad sign. Take a look at the various options that can be experimented in various ways.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are some common and popular lucky 13 tattoo ideas that can be used by people born on this date.

  • Black Cat: Panthers, snakes, butterflies and images of various animals are considered as few of the popular tattoo choices proffered by many people. Black cat tattoos are commonly associated with the bad luck. Get yourself inked with a black cat as a part of these lucky 13 tattoo ideas. You can create an image that displays a black cat crossing the path to indicate bad luck. You can also get the collar of the black cat inked with “Lucky 13”.
  • Gambling: These designs look great on people who are seasoned gamblers as the chances of winning a game of craps or poker are governed by luck. One can embrace their unlucky side with the help of this lucky 13 design. You can also include other images like dice and playing cards as they are associated with gambling. You can also get a pair of dice or playing cards featuring the number 13 to look more prominent.
  • Clover: This clover is considered as a good luck symbol. One can create a new twist to this tattoo by adding number 13 in the middle of this four-leaf clover design. This can also be used to celebrate both good as well as bad luck. One can also use this symbol to tell everyone that you do not follow the rules of luck.
  • Dead Sparrow: Many people prefer getting sparrows inked on them as they are common tattoo designs. According to an old superstition, sparrows are considered to carry dead souls and they also portray bad luck. Use this idea for your lucky 13 design. Get the image of 13 dead sparrows inked on you. One can also get two dead sparrows holding a banner with “lucky 13” inked on him/her.

This was about various lucky 13 tattoo ideas that portray bad luck in different ways. One can come up with a unique tattoo idea which will tell that you, “do not believe in luck”.

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