Foot Tattoo Aftercare Tips

It is a standard and important step to take proper aftercare of the new tattoo. Many people prefer getting a tattoo inked on their feet. Tattoos on feet look pretty and cute. However, designs that suit your personality can also be sported. There are certain foot tattoo aftercare tips and instructions that should be strictly followed. You may have to follow a basic routine along with the usage of same products used for other tattoos and a few additional considerations. Take a look at the article as it helps in giving you the proper aftercare guidelines.

Aftercare Tips
The following foot tattoo aftercare tips will help you prevent infections and other skin allergies.

  • One at a Time: Swelling and pain are the most common symptoms experienced by everyone after tattooing. These factors are a little extreme in case of foot tattoos. It is definitely a bad idea to get two or more tattoos inked at once, as every tattoo requires proper foot tattoo aftercare. It becomes very difficult for a person with a tattoo on his/her foot to walk at least for the initial few days. These factors can also worsen for people with bad foot during healing time. You can get your both feet inked together; only if you are planning to get something very small inked on them as they may not affect your entire foot.
  • Schedule & Footwear: After tattooing, see that you keep your schedule free for the rest of the day. Doing this will help you avoid putting excess strain on the foot. Refrain yourself from wearing shoes, instead you can use loose shoes or sandals that do not cover the tattooed area.
  • Driver: See that you ask the driver or someone from your home to drive you back. It becomes very difficult to operate or control the pedals of the car with a fresh tattoo on your foot.
  • Elevate your Foot: After tattooing, get back home and lay down keeping your tattooed foot in an elevated position. This will help in reducing swelling and pain too. You can also take ibuprofen to get relieved from swelling. Application of the ice in and around the area will reduce swelling and pain too.
  • Work Issues: A proper foot tattoo aftercare at your work place is also very important. People having desk jobs may have to face a lot more problems as sitting at one place for long hours will only make your foot swell. See that you keep your feet at an elevated position while working too. You can even take small walks during breaks. People who need to stand or walk for long, can take some time and rest with their foot in an elevated position. You can even apply an ice pack and avoid wearing boots and laced shoes as there are chances for them to damage the new ink.
  • Fluid Intake: Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, particularly water, as it helps in reducing edema which is water retention. Sometimes, edema can also cause swelling of the ankles and feet. Along with this, lower the consumption of sodium in your daily diet.
  • End of the Day: Once you are home from work, sit back relax and apply some ice pack on your legs. Keep your legs up for at least a few hours.

This was about foot tattoo aftercare tips. These tips allows the tattoos to last for long. Good aftercare will help in preventing fading of the design and color. Choosing a good tattoo is very important as it speaks a lot about your personality.

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