Marriage Tattoo Designs

A couple join together in matrimony to display their eternal love for each other. Now-a-days people use various funky ways to express their love, and tattooing is one such way. Marriage bond is believed to last forever, and so are tattoos. However, one must keep in mind that tattooing is permanent and cannot be removed easily. There are a few marriage tattoo designs that a couple can sport to look alike and to express their feelings for each other. Read more about the various designs that can be used by the couples.

Various Tattoo Ideas
One can use any of the below mentioned marriage tattoo designs to express your love for your spouse in a unique and cute way.

  • Rings: This is preferred by many and is considered as a modern way of displaying your commitment. Ring tattoos can be used to replace wedding rings and they will remain on you all the time. However, you can get a ring tattoo inked on any part of your body too, apart from your fingers. You can personalize these designs by adding the name of your partner or the initials. You can also get the wedding date inked on the ring too. There are hundreds of fonts and styles that can be used to experiment with your ring tattoo. Getting a small, cute script inked on the rings will also look great.
  • Ball ‘n Chains: These tattoos are generally used to symbolize the playful love between the two of you. For this, you can get a matching chain and a ball inked on each other. These tattoos make complete sense when you sport them on your left or right ankle. However, any place will definitely go good, as long as you can carry it off in style. These designs can be inked using the classic gray and black or even your favorite colors too. Personalizing these designs by adding wedding date, initials or even both will make the design look even more meaningful and ceremonious.
  • Portraits: One of the best innovative ideas is to get the portrait of their partners inked on any part of the body. Portraits are considered as one of the unique marriage tattoo designs. For adequate details, portraits need large and flat surface. One can get common like “I do..” or “.. til death do us part” or a unique phrase inked beneath the portrait to make it look meaningful and beautiful.
  • Names: These can be used as simple and cute ways of showing your affection for each other. Getting the name of your spouse inked is considered as one of the cutest marriage tattoo designs. You can get each others first name inked using identical ink. You can get these tattoos inked on the same locations too. Few of the popular places are – shoulders, neck, back and heart. To make the designs look even more ceremonious, you can get your signatures carved instead of stock scripts.

This was about marriage tattoo designs that are quite popular among couples. You can even come up with your own, unique design that will showcase your love for your spouse.

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