Hepatitis and Tattoos

People turn yellow due two main reasons and they are – hepatitis and tattoos. There is a very close relation between tattoos and hepatitis B and C. However, sporting a tattoo may not always lead to certain serious blood borne viruses like hepatitis B, C and HIV. The risk of these diseases increases when the tattoo artist does not follow any of the safety procedures strictly.

According to American Association for Study of Liver Diseases, there has been a significant association between tattoos and hepatitis C. According to a study, people suffering from hepatitis are more likely to have tattoos. Read on to know more about their relation.

How Tattoos Spread Hepatitis?

  • Tattoos are inked by piercing a needle into the skin along with injecting very small amounts of ink and this can clearly explain the relation between hepatitis and tattoos.
  • Bigger tattoos require more number of injections and for every injection the tattoo artist may bring the needle in contact with the wearer’ blood.
  • The risks of hepatitis increases if the needles used are not clean, reused or if they are not sterilized before using.
  • These diseases spread easily into the blood when the skin gets exposed to microbes such as viruses and bacteria.

How to Protect Yourself?
One of the main safety violations is reuse of the dirty or used needles. See that you check with the tattoo artist before the tattooing procedure whether he/she practices the usage of fresh needles from the pack. See that you are aware of all the other potential hazards before getting a tattoo inked on you. Read on to know more about the precautions to be taken to avoid hepatitis and tattoos.

  • Check whether the tattoo artist wears fresh pair of gloves while inking the tattoo.
  • Make sure that the tattoo artist washes his/her hands before starting the procedure.
  • Sterilization is completely different from being clean. It is important to sterilize the equipment before using them in order to prevent infections.
  • The process of sterilization involves the application of heat or chemicals to the equipment in order to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • Check whether the work area is sterilized and clean. Getting a tattoo inked from a licensed and reputed tattoo parlor is the very first step for preventing harmful blood borne diseases.

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