Eye Tattoo Ideas

Eyes are considered as the important organs of a human being. A person who honors their importance can sport an interesting tattoo. Getting an eye tattoo on any part of the body is definitely a unique idea. There are several eye tattoo ideas that are meaningful. However, the most popular ones are the eyes that show emotional state, creates a beautiful visual illusion and which reveals faith in higher power. Read on to know more about them in detail.

Various Tattoo Ideas
You can check a few of the following eye tattoo ideas that look great when you sport them on your body.

  • Eye of God: Many people prefer getting various representations of faith such as portraits of religious figures, angels and crosses inked on them. Eye of God is quite popular as it represents high power and is also known as All-Seeing Eye or Eye of Providence. These tattoos represent the concept of a supreme being watching the world from above. This tattoo is carved with an eye inside a triangle and it portrays your belief in a supreme being.
  • Eyelid Illusion: Getting an illusion of eyes inked on your body will definitely look unique and attractive. You can get this tattoo carved creating an illusion of open eyes. You can scare people by getting scary pair of eyes inked on you. You can even get blue eyes or cartoon-like eyes on you too. Blue eyes look good on people with brown eyes.
  • Emotions: You can get eyes that are expressive inked on you. Eyes are used to express lot of emotions. You can look at a person and tell a lot about his/her feelings. Getting a set of eyes expressing your favorite or personal emotional state will be a great idea. People who are going through a tough time can get a set of sad eyes or even tears dripping off them.

This was about eye tattoo ideas. Get a little creative and come with a weired and unique tattoo idea by adding other factors to these basic designs. You can use these designs to experiment with all kinds of possibilities too.

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