Marriage Tattoo Phrase Ideas

Married couples want their relationship to last for a lifetime and getting a beautiful tattoo that represents marriage will definitely last forever and ever. Singer Pink’s husband, Corey Hart a motocross star has several tattoos inked after his wife’s name. Tattoo phrase ideas are the best way to express the conviction that a couple has for each other after marriage. There are several tattoo ideas that can be used to represent marriage and a few of them include favorite lines from poems, songs, wedding vows and references. Read on to explore these possibilities in detail.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following tattoo phrase ideas for tattoos look great when they are inked using appropriate phrases and proper tattoo placement.

  • ‘Till Death Do Us Part: The most common and important vow made by every married couple is “In sickness & in health, ’till death do us part.” Wedding vows help a couple to declare their eternal love for each other. This particular vow explains the never-ending devotion and will definitely make a perfect tattoo idea. The newly weds can also opt for images of death that include angels and skeletons also. You can also modify this design into anything that is edgy and you can even include images into this phrase as well.
  • Poem or Song: Song lines and lyrics from any popular or favorite poem has lots of demand among tattoo enthusiasts. These tattoo ideas looks great on a married couple. A couple can choose a phrase or a line from their favorite song or poem that symbolizes their eternal love. One can also choose or experiment with something new as well.
  • Made in Heaven: Couples who believe that they are made for each other can get a phrase saying ‘Made in Heaven” inked on them. This phrase looks unique and at the same time very attractive as well. You can get a few images of heaven such as clouds, wings and angels inked along with it. Flowers and sunlight also look great along with this phrase. If the couple is fun loving, humorous and wild, then they can include gasoline and fire with the phrase.

This was about marriage phrase tattoo ideas. Couples can also come up with their own unique tattoo ideas that symbolize their love for each other.

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