Skeleton Tattoo Ideas

Full skeleton tattoos, grim reapers, bones and skulls are considered as the popular body art designs preferred by many people. Skeletons are generally associated with death. These designs are used by many people as a reminder of vibrant life and live to full concept. One of the most popular skeleton tattoo ideas is the Jolly Roger pirate flag which depicts crossbones and iconic skulls that signify a disdain for bold adventure, danger, nonconformity and authority. Half-buried skeletons and decaying bodies are a few examples of skeleton tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following skeleton tattoo ideas are quite popular among people. You can add you own variations to these designs as well.

  • Skull Tattoos: Skulls used for these tattoos can be depicted using endless styles and permutations. Choose a skull tattoo design that can be incorporated using different tattoo designs that include a dead man’s hand playing dice and cards. A bony hand along with a skull shooting a gun and three skulls inked vertically stacked with their hands over their mouth, eyes and ears also looks great. You can even make your tattoos look evil by getting the skulls inked with sharp teeth and devil horns. Celtic work done on a skull along with the work of very stylized tribal lines also look pretty awesome.
  • Life-Size Tattoos: People looking out for some bold designs can opt for life-size tattoos that have skeletons inked outside their bodies. You can have different parts of your body such as bones of your hip, ribs, shoulder blades and spine incorporated on any part of your body.
  • Crossbones and Skulls: These tattoos look great on people who have a liking for pirates. You can get a stylized pirate ship inked along with a flag on any part of the body. You can get femur bones or two crossed humerus inked on your inner forearm or back.

These are the various skeleton tattoo ideas that can be sported by people who want to look unique. These tattoos display the bold characteristics of a person.

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