Angel Tattoo Ideas

People love to sport tattoos that hold a special meaning in their life and angel tattoos are imagery designs that carry deep meaning. These tattoos can be used to symbolize peace, innocence, spiritual commitment and to memorialize loved ones. You can choose various angel tattoo ideas from both Renaissance and medieval art. You can also pick a few ideas from contemporary fantasy art too. These tattoos look great on both men and women as angels can be female, male and androgynous. Take a look on the tattoo options available for these tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Read on to know about various angel tattoo ideas that can be sported in lot many ways.

  • Medieval Angels and Icons: Medieval art is stylish and at same time two-dimensional although they are from different eras. These designs include illuminated Orthodox and manuscripts icons. You can sport a popular motif which is St. Micheal conquering a dragon. Martial angels bearing weapons and clad in armor are also popular. These designs fit well as a guardian angel design.
  • Renaissance Angels: These designs are popular images of androgynous angels, with halos over the head and flowing clad. You can get Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Albrecht Durer and Raphael inked on your body. Tattoos belonging to this era should always be inked using gray scale work and black line.
  • Memorial and Graveyard Angels: You can use these tattoos as memorial designs. Graveyard angels are also known as the best angel tattoo ideas. You can get an angel inked on your body in order to memorialize your loved one. You can pick up some designs found in the cemetery as their body language is quite expressive. These angels express mourning, loss and grief. You can combine these tattoos with bold lettering as a powerful tribute to the person you loved the most.
  • Cherubs & Cupids: For a light-hearted design you can consider a classic cherub image and it is also known as cupids. These designs are depicted as playful angels with the body of a child. These angels symbolize innocence of spirit and lightheartedness.
  • Angel Wings: An angel with feathered wings sported on full back is considered as one of the best and popular angel tattoo ideas. These designs symbolize the spiritual nature and feeling of being completely blessed. You can experiment a lot with this design as they range from stylized tribal designs to straightforward representation.
  • Halos: The second important attribute that angels have is a halo apart from the wings. This is also known as circle of light that surrounds the head. This is represented by a shining ring. This design represents moral path and spiritual commitment.
  • Fantasy Angels: These angels are often androgynous, so they can be depicted as bold masculine and wispily feminine. Angels are found featuring fantasy outfits or sometimes even nude, armor and swords. These designs look more realistic and also look modern.

This was about angel tattoo ideas and if you want a striking and unusual design, then you can opt for an angel inked on a stained glass mosaic. However, you can even come up with your own design or you can modify the basic design also. See that the tattoo artist takes care of all the minute details of the image as one small mistake can spoil the entire look of the tattoo.

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