Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

Men and women love to sport mermaids, mythical sea creatures for various reasons. Mermaids are beautiful creatures that are half human and half fish. These tattoos were very popular among sailors earlier. However, others also prefer getting these creatures inked on them for the beautiful art work involved with these designs. People experiment with various mermaid tattoo ideas to look attractive and to stand out in a group. These designs are a symbol of femininity and they also look great on people who are mythological enthusiasts. Take a look at the options that can be used for these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following mermaid tattoo ideas can be inked beautifully with the help of bold and attractive colors to make the design appear eye catchy.

  • Mermaid on Rock: Women who prefer to promote or portray their femininity can get a mermaid sitting on a rock and combing her hair inked on them. This design is considered as one of the best mermaid tattoo ideas. This looks extremely great if you ask the tattoo artist to add waves to the design for extra details. You can use complimentary and vibrant colors for mermaid’s fin and hair. To grab the attention of the viewers you can get the fin inked in green and hair inked in red as they are bold colors. This is considered as a classic pose that symbolizes femininity and beauty.
  • Mermaid Bust: This design is more popular among families as they use it to portray the bond and love between them. You can get a mermaid’s bust inked in front a ship to symbolize pride or loyalty of the loved person in military. These designs can be personalized by adding the name of the person above or below the tattoo.
  • Heartbreak: These designs can be used to symbolize this emotion. A heartbroken lover can sport a mermaid tattoo in order to keep himself/herself reminded of the past love that led to a heartbreak. This tattoo also keeps you cautious of the future relationships as well. You can get a mermaid throwing the ring into the water on any part of the body as this symbolizes lost love. You can get the hair color of the mermaid inked same as the hair color of your lost love.

This was about mermaid tattoo ideas. These tattoos can be inked only by a tattoo artist who can add every minute detail to the design professionally. Ask the tattoo artist to ink these designs in bold and vibrant colors to make them look attractive.

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