Different Tattoo Designs

One should do a lot of research before getting a tattoo inked on their body, as there are several styles and designs that you can experiment with, in the tattoo world. Doing this will enable you to choose a right design that suits your lifestyle, spirituality and personal taste. People prefer experimenting with several different tattoo designs just to look unique in a group. Read on to know about a few designs that can go well with your personality.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following article provides you with the information of various different tattoo designs.

  • Tribal Tattoos: People prefer getting tribal tattoos inked on them for the wide range of options available. These tattoos are considered as the oldest tattoo ideas that were practiced thousand years ago by various tribes across the world. These designs are typically defined with the help of very strong stylized patterns and they are mostly inked using only black ink. Black ink highlights the designs in a unique way than the colored ink. These tattoos look great on people who prefer to get themselves inked with a meaningful design and they mostly symbolize spirituality and protection.
  • Portrait Tattoos: People get themselves tattooed for several personal reasons, while some of them get them inked as a fashion statement. Portrait tattoos have great significance as they can be sported in memory of your loved one as well. You can get the portrait of an iconic figure, pet or a loved person inked on your body. You can also get these tattoos inked as a homage to a close family member. You can even try getting your favorite actor, actress or your beloved pet inked on you.
  • Japanese Tattoos: Tattoos inked using bright colored inks look great and Japanese tattoos are considered as one of the different tattoo designs. These Japanese tattoos art is rich in history and culture. Koi fish is a common Japanese tattoo that represents strength of character. Lotus flower and Cherry blossom tattoos also make great feminine tattoo ideas. Traditional kanji script and Japanese calligraphy tattoos are also very popular among many people.
  • Old School Tattoos: Vintage designs and old school designs have common motifs and styles. Pin-up girl designs are a very popular form of old school designs and are mostly sported by the US Navy sailors. Nautical imagery, stars and compasses are also considered as good luck charms.

These are the various different tattoo designs that will make you look unique and at the same time attractive.

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