Pelvic Tattoo Ideas

If you want to get a tattoo inked and a unique tattoo placement, then pelvic region is the best. A pelvic tattoo is rarely visible and you can expose it on beaches or whenever you want people to eye it. One may have to consider two things before getting a tattoo – one is that this region is very sensitive and it may hurt very badly and the other is that there are chances for both pelvic and the stomach region to sag in future leading to distortion of the tattoo. See that you take a decision whether you really want this tattoo or not, as the design you sport now may not look the same when you are 50. However, take a look at the a few tattoo ideas if you plan to get one inked on your pelvis.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few pelvic tattoo ideas that will help you get an idea on the designs that look great on this region.

  • Garlands: This is one of the brilliant ideas and tattooed flowers inked in the form of garlands draped around your hip region look extremely great on a woman. These designs can be beautifully inked by a well talented artist only. See that you do a lot of research before getting these tattoos inked. You can make these designs look meaningful by getting flowers that have their own symbolism or significance carved on your pelvis. These designs can be subtle, few inches long or you can even get your pelvis inked with an outrageous creation.
  • Tribal Designs: You can add a dramatic look to your hip region with the help of bold tribal designs. Tribal designs are considered as one of the best pelvic tattoos that look extremely attractive. These designs should be inked by a high-quality and professional tattoo artist for inking these beautiful deep black designs. Avoid second-rate designs as they may not last long and may appear blurry, faded and bluish.
  • Humorous Tattoos: Pelvic region is the best place for getting a tattoo depicting cheap laughs. You can get a stick figure with a lawnmower inked in this region as this will definitely add appropriate humor to entire look of the design. You can also try out your hands with some hilarious graffiti like “Property of [whoever]”, “Made in America” or a bar code.

These are the various pelvic tattoo ideas which should be carved by a professional and talented tattoo artist. People planning to get a tattoo inked on this region should also be prepared for the amount of pain it causes during the tattooing process. Proper aftercare is also required to avoid infections.

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