Hipbone Tattoo Ideas

Choosing a good tattoo and a good tattoo placement is very important as tattoos remain with forever. People often end up choosing a bad design in the process of choosing a perfect design. You can avoid this by not rushing into things and by doing a lot of research on all the designs before getting one inked. One of the best tattoo placement is the hipbone and there are several hipbone tattoo ideas that look extremely cool. See that you choose small and discreet designs for your hipbone. Take a look on more ideas that will be of help.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few hipbone tattoo ideas that look great when you wear tight t-shirts that flaunt these designs.

  • Personal Items: These are one of the popular ideas that can be used to decorate your hipbone. These tattoos help in portraying your personal life in a simple way. Get things that are important to you such as the name of your loved one or your child inked on your hip. You can also get birth dates carved on your hip. You can get anything you like translated into a small hip tattoo.
  • Common Items: Hipbone of a person is considered as a perfect canvas for getting the the most popular and traditional tattoo symbols. Crossbones, hearts, flowers such as roses or lilies can be sported on your hip. See that you choose a design that will remain your favorite even after several years.
  • Classic Tattoos: Daggers, brass knuckles, homeward-bound ships, cherries, anchors and doves have always been classic tattoos over the history. Sport a design that is close to your personality and liking.
  • Text: This is the coolest way to decorate your hipbone in style. A simple quote or a song lyrics will look great on your hip. Quotes written by famous authors or lines from a poem is also a great choice. You can even try getting a text inked in a different language such as Sanskrit or Chinese.

These are the various hipbone tattoo ideas. Getting these tattoos inked can involve a lot of pain and this tattoo placement is also prone to infections. See that proper aftercare is taken in order to avoid them.

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