Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas
Shoulders are considered as one of the popular tattoo placement and people prefer getting a tattoo inked on their shoulders as they provide huge space to experiment with various designs. Shoulders are usually flat, broad expanse of skin that provide a canvas for the tattoo artist. Tattoos on this place can be easily hidden under your clothing. There are a variety of shoulder tattoo ideas that can also be extended up to your back as well as your sleeves. Read on to know more about them.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few shoulder tattoo ideas that look great with bright and happening colors.

Shoulder Stamps

  • These are considered as small shoulder tattoos that look discreet and these are also popular among many people. People use these tattoos as a start-up design before entering the tattoo world completely. These tattoos can be later extended as a back or larger sleeve piece.
  • Men can experiment with the weaponry and skull designs as they are considered “macho” and they also look extremely attractive on the shoulders.
  • They can also get various states of dresses depicting women as a traditional tattoo.
  • Hearts with dates, names or any commemorative design also look great on the shoulders. You can also get stemming done from long tradition of naval and military tattoos.
  • Zodiac symbols, Chinese or Japanese characters look extremely beautiful on the shoulders of a woman.
  • Commemorative life events, constellations, stars and butterfly tattoos are also popular among women.

Half Sleeve
These tattoos usually cover up your upper arm, back and your shoulders and are considered as one of the best traditional shoulder tattoo ideas.

  • These half sleeve designs along with shoulder designs are tricky to ink as they cover a large area.
  • Tribal designs are popular tattoos that are inked using variations of gray, heavy black or other colors as well.
  • Ideas from primitive societies can be used to get your shoulders inked and these designs look great on both men and women.
  • Floral designs look extremely good on women as they can be inked in shades of black, gray and full colors as well.
  • Japanese tattoos with writings and flowers with koi are popular for their deep meanings.

Back Piece

  • This design along with a shoulder tattoo can be extended across both the shoulders and back as well. Back piece can be used to canvas many designs and styles.
  • Traditional tattoo or tribal scenes inked using gray, black or any other bright color looks extremely great on shoulders.
  • Wings are considered as the popular shoulder tattoo ideas as they can be extended across the entire back as well. Wings can be generally inked as frightening, fierce, soft or angelic making them comfortable for both women and men.

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