Face Tattoo Ideas

Getting your face tattooed is a very heady and a bold move as it requires lot of courage and determination. You need to choose the design for your face very carefully as it is impossible to hide the tattoo if something goes wrong with it. There are several face tattoo ideas that enable0 you to get a little creative with the designs and your look. However, people are getting inspired by more and more face tattoos as they are sported by many celebrities as well. Former boxing champ Mike Tyson, has a fabulous tattoo on his face. Read on to know more about the various designs available for these tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are the most common face tattoo ideas and you can use any of the below mentioned designs that suits your face cut and personality perfectly.

  • Skull: This looks extremely good when you sport one on your face. You can get your head inked with a tattoo that resembles a skull. For this, you may have to shave your head completely. This design also enables the tattoo artist to ink the dark patches present around your eyes. The tip of the nose is also inked to give it a hollowed-out effect. The other set of the design is inked from one side of your cheek to other in order to create an effect of exposed teeth. You can ask the tattoo artist to ink the upper set of teeth in black as doing this helps in enhancing the cheekbones.
  • Checkerboard Head: You can get your face transformed into a checkerboard and this is considered as one of the best face tattoo ideas. For this design the tattoo artist uses parallel and horizontal lines running from the chin, across the skull to the nape in order to come up with the design that resembles a checkerboard. The tattoo artist may fill the alternating squares with light and dark ink. You may have to shave your head for this tattoo as well for a clear view of the design.
  • Permanent Makeup: This is very helpful for ladies especially as they can create an illusion of wearing makeup 24/7. This design includes tattooing of blush, lip liner, eye shadow and eyeliner on your face. You can use a variety of colors or you can even go for Gothic vibe that includes the usage of all black. These tattoos may not require too much ink and a tattoo artist who is aware of the application of cosmetic makeup can only ink these tattoos.
  • Two-face Tattoo: This is also considered as the best face tattoo idea where you can get a humorous face that resembles your own inked on your face. You can ask the tattoo artist to ink a replica of your face at the back of your head whether it be beautiful, scary or a silly face. People sporting these tattoos should never get tired of this design and shave their head completely.

These are the various face tattoo ideas that should be sported by a person who can carry them all life long. See that you get these tattoos inked from a reputed tattoo artist as a simple mess can definitely spoil the entire look. Proper aftercare is utmost important in order to lower the chances of infections.

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