Chest Tattoo Ideas

Chest Tattoo Ideas
People prefer getting their chest inked with various tattoos for the huge space it provides. It acts as a broad canvas for large or huge designs that contain intricate details. People can experiment with various chest tattoo ideas. However, these tattoos look great on men who have a strong chest. Women can also sport certain designs on their chest for an appealing look. Read on to know about the various options available for these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few chest tattoo ideas that look great when they are sported using perfect tattoo ink.

  • See Inside Me: This art work gives an appearance of peeling back of the flesh showing what lies beneath. Darker designs consists of demons leering from behind the lungs, chest folds or heart. An animal or a fairy looks great on your chest as well.
  • Symmetrical Designs: These designs look great on the chest and eagles are very popular symmetrical designs. You can sport an eagle with wings spread across your chest as it looks extremely attractive and bold. Women can also try this design as it looks great on them as well. You can also experiment with the two heads of birds, beast or a mythical dragon carved on your chest. The masks of both tragedy and comedy also make a great chest tattoo.
  • Family Crest: These tattoos look great on people who do not have a historical family crest as well. You can pick up various elements and personalize them according to your choice. You can get certain elements like “honor your beloved individuals” within the crest tattoo if you think that family is very important for you.
  • Landscape: You can get these landscape tattoos on your chest. These tattoos can be used to represent the entire place, imagined or real. You can also include surreal elements in this tattoo. You can also take an inspiration from a painting for a unique tattoo idea.

These are the various chest tattoo ideas that look great on both men and women. See that you get them inked from an experienced tattoo artist in order to avoid any kind of infections.

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