Leg Tattoo Ideas

Leg Tattoo Ideas
Legs of a person are considered as one the best places for getting a tattoo carved. Legs provide a large and relatively flat area that can accommodate huge and extremely detailed art work. There are several leg tattoo ideas with which you can experiment and you can even easily cover them when you go for work. Calves and thighs are the most common and primary spots for getting a tattoo inked. You can also experiment by getting a tattoo inked on your ankle and knees as they also have significant meaning. Traditional leg tattoos are usually inked in gray and black. Read on to know more about the designs available for these tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few leg tattoo ideas that look really attractive when sported using the right colors.

  • Portraits: These tattoos help you pay homage in memory of your close family member, heroes or any loved one. You can get them inked using extreme details. These tattoos look great on the outer thigh as it provides enough space required for the tattoo. See that you get this tattoo inked from a professional tattoo artist as it is an extremely difficult form of tattooing.
  • Calf Initials: Any scripted tattoo with beautiful styles, fonts and designs look great on your calf and these are considered as one of the popular leg tattoo ideas. You can place one letter on the back of your each calf, signifying both your first and last name. You do not have to get your entire calf inked with the letter, but see that it is easily viewable. You can get the letter inked in the size of a credit card. Ask your tattoo artist to use various artistic textures or you can even ask him to fill the letters with a permanent stamp.
  • Sheet Music: You can get your favorite hip hop beat or a classical symphony inked on your leg. The best place to get the sheet music inked is the outer thigh. If you want to get the entire song inked, then get it engraved on the entire leg.
  • Ankle & Knee Ideas: Get a tattoo in form of a bracelet inked around your ankle. You can also get the initials of your family members or religious idols inked on your knee or ankle. Knee and ankle tattoos may take around two weeks to heal.

This is about the various leg tattoo ideas. See that you get these tattoos inked from a professional tattoo artist and that you get a design that makes your leg attractive.

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