Forearm Tattoo Ideas

You can decorate your forearm by getting delicate designs inked on it. You can either sport a design that will help in masking small freckles or an elaborated design that help in covering your entire arm. There are several forearm tattoo ideas which are monotone, colorful, small, big and attractive as well depending on the size of tattoo you want to sport. Read on to know more about the various options available for these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few forearm tattoo ideas that are commonly preferred by many people.

  • Fantasy Tattoos: For these tattoos more imaginative designs using various colors and sizes are used. Common fantasy tattoos include mythical creatures like fairies, wizards, unicorns, mermaids, trolls and dragons. You can get mermaids and dragons wrapped around your forearm or you can even get them inked flat. There are chances for these designs to get distorted due to the curves. Therefore, keep them either on the inner or outer forearm. You can get the tattoos of an old wizard along with a staff to create a dramatic design. A wild-haired and colorful mermaid along with a long green tail twisted around your forearm also looks extremely beautiful. A gold-horned snowy white unicorn also makes a beautiful design.
  • Floral Tattoos: These colorful tattoo ideas are very popular among women. These floral tattoos can be paired with tribal ideas to add depth and drama to your look. You can even get a simple red rose along with a stem carved on your forearm. Elaborated wildflower vine winding around the forearm is definitely a great idea.
  • Portrait Tattoos: You can get a portrait of a personal hero, cultural icon, religious figure, legendary celebrity or a family member inked on your forearm. You can either get them inked using a single color or multiple colors as well.
  • Tribal Tattoos: These designs are extremely popular among both men and women. You can get them inked using a single color in order to emphasize the tattoo’s primitive nature. Overlapping thorn shapes, plants and animals are quite popular tribal tattoo ideas. Celtic knot tattoos of all combinations are also attractive.

These are the various forearm tattoo ideas from which you can choose a design that look good on you.

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