Health Risks of Temporary Tattoos

People prefer getting their bodies inked with temporary tattoos in order to avoid pain involved with the permanent tattooing. They are harmless and can be applied frequently. However, there is one such variation that can be very dangerous for kids and adults as well. Black henna tattoos are temporary and can cause certain health risks. Read on to know more about its effects.

Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) or black henna is a type of ink that is used for tattooing temporary designs. This ink can cause a few serious reactions especially for people with sensitive skin. FDA has banned the usage of PPD on the skin directly. However, this ink is mixed in various other inks in order to increase the life of the temporary tattoos.

PPD is a strong sensitizer that reacts with the skin and the body of a person is allergic to this sensitizer naturally. This results in causing allergic reactions on the skin. These allergic reactions may increase more often when you expose the tattoo. PPD is also found commonly in black hair dye. The skin of children is generally hypersensitive to these strong sensitizers. These can cause pain and other skin allergies as well.


  • People sporting temporary tattoos can experience itching and blistering as the most common effects of the ink used for these tattoos.
  • These symptoms generally occur due to the excess exposure of the PPD.
  • A person may experience blistering and itching around 3 to 13 days after tattooing. Sometimes, this ink may show reactions even after a long period of time.
  • Blistering can be observed on the tattooed area directly and it can sometimes, occur immediately after tattooing.
  • Itching can also be localized, but if a person is highly allergic to these tattoo inks he/she may experience blistering and itching all over the body.
  • There are chances for a person to suffer from an infection due to blisters and they may also cause scarring.

  • Scarring can further result in losing skin color and permanent hypopigmentation.
  • There are chances for the infection caused due to blisters to enter the blood stream further resulting in hosting various other health complications.
  • Avoid the usage of black henna mixture as it contains benzene which gets mixed with the blood stream easily leading to infections.
  • This can cause nausea and in extreme cases, it may also result in the death of a person.

This was about the various health risks of temporary tattoos. See that you get these tattoos inked from a reputed tattoo parlor in order to avoid the above mentioned effects.

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