Airbrush Body Paint

Air brush paint is one of the best body paints that looks extremely amazing when beautiful designs and colors are used. Airbrush body paint can be bought from outside and it is already mixed or you can even make it at home as well. The important things that you have to be looking out before making the paint is proportions of additives and viscosity. If you are not finding the right color in the store you can pretty well make it at home. See that the colors can be washed off easily and that they are non-toxic as there are chances for them to cause allergies. Watercolors are the best options for body painting and they look similar to acrylics.

How to Make?
The following are a few tips that will help you make your very own airbrush body paint at home.

  • Deciding on Colors: See that you decide before itself on what color you wish to create or use for airbrush painting. Colors to be used mainly depend on the kind of design or image you want to create and on the model you want to experiment. You may have to use various colors if it is for a photo shoot or an event. You need to use coloring and food dye to get the required colors. You need to mix two colors in order to create a color that you do not have.
  • Ingredients: The ingredients used for airbrush body paint should be combined depending on the quantity of the paint required for completing the image. For a gallon of colors you need to combine vinegar and baking soda allowing to sit completely. To this add glycerin and corn starch after a few minutes.
  • Mixing of the Paints: See that you mix all the ingredients of the paint thoroughly and till they turn smooth. See that you avoid the formation of lumps while mixing the colors. You can add water to get the desired consistency and see that you stir thoroughly. The amount of water required depends on the thickness of the body paint you want.
  • Food Coloring: You can add food coloring to your desired shade and color. Separate each batch of colors into various containers if you are planning to use multiple colors. Once you store them in the containers, you can add the food coloring. See that you store these colors in jars with lids when they are not in use.

This is all about how to make airbrush body paint. Once you are done with the mixing of the desired colors add them to an airbrush gun to experiment with its consistency. You can even use detailing tools as they help you shape the themes and designs easily. Use a hairspray for the paint to stay for a long period of time.

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