Tattoo Ideas for Names

Name tattoos are considered as the most permanent and powerful reminder of the individuals who hold a special place in your life. There are several tattoo ideas for names using which you can get your body inked. You can get the name of your love interest, departed loved one, close family member or the name of your child inked on your body to declare devotion. These tattoos can be inked using various styles to get the name permanently engraved on your body.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few tattoo ideas for names.

  • Banner Tattoo: You can get the name of your beloved one inked either using a tribal pattern or using a large banner. You can even personalize a banner tattoo by adding what it means and its significance.
  • Vines: You can get the name of a person inked using a cursive script making it look like a vine. You can even ask the tattoo artist to get the tattoo inked in a complex vine pattern. The name hides behind the curves of this design and you can even get the leaves inked along with this design.
  • Alternating Lettering System: You can get the name inked using an alternative lettering system and this is the best tattoo ideas for names. You can use the lettering system of Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese and Japanese. You can also ask your tattoo artist to use Roman-style lettering to make the name look attractive.
  • Baby Tattoos: Many people prefer getting the names of their children inked on their bodies. You can get the birth date of your children inked along with the name. Baby footprint tattoo next to the name also became popular way of expressing your love for your child.
  • Memorial Tattoo: These tattoos are sported in memory of your loved ones. You can also use these tattoos to honor a person. The epigraph and name of the person can be inked on a tombstone. You can sport a ribbon banner wrapped around praying hands along with the name of the person is always a best way to express your love.
  • Initials: You do not have to sport the entire name always, you can even try getting the initials of the person inked on your body. Use calligraphic script to carve the initials of the person. You can get the image of the person inked on you along with the initial hidden behind it.

These are the various tattoo ideas for names from which you can choose one for yourself as these are the best way to express your love for a person.

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