Sibling Tattoo Ideas

The best part of tattooing is that they can be personalized to a great extent according to the choices, likes and dislikes. This works great when siblings plan to get a tattoo together. There are several sibling tattoo ideas available with which they can experiment. See that the tattoos you choose reflect your individual personalities at the same emphasizing the bond between you and your sibling. All you need to do is to select a simple and cute image that both of them like and get it inked on the same location. Read on to know more about the elaborate ideas for these tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are the sibling tattoo ideas that look great on siblings and they also help in expressing the bond between the two of you.

  • Basic Ideas: These tattoo include getting each other’s name inked on any part of the body. You can also get a statement from literature or a phrase that stresses family bonding. You can even sport your sibling’s image in the form of a tattoo. If you want to sport a subtler tattoo design, you can get the birth date, astrological sign or the color of the birthstone of your sibling tattooed. A mythic or a real creature or any other symbolic animal that resembles your sibling’s personality would look great on each other. You can even add the name of your sibling under the design to symbolize your connection.
  • Family Symbols: These tattoos stress more on the bond of blood and mutual heritage. Family trees are the popular family symbols and are also considered as one of the common sibling tattoo ideas. The idea of getting the family motto also looks unique and great. Cultural images of your family, Asian characters and tribal elements also look great.
  • Fictional Characters: You can experiment a lot with these fictional characters. You can get the same characters of superheroes to ancient mythological Gods inked on your body. You can get Artemis and Apollo inked on your body to represent sun and moon. Hansel and Gretel can be represented by getting a trail of breadcrumbs inked across the arm.
  • Common Experiences: Siblings grow together and have several common experiences that reminds them of their childhood. You can get a very well known landmark from your hometown inked on each others body. You can also try getting your childhood symbols or images, sigils of Army units, job crests or school logos as well.

These are the various sibling tattoo ideas that will help them express the love and affection for each other.

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