Inner Wrist Tattoo Designs

People love to sport tattoos on their inner wrist as they are affordable, attractive and can be hidden easily as well. There are various inner wrist tattoo designs with which you can experiment. The size of an inner wrist tattoo is small making it easy to carve and it takes very less time to heal when compared to other large tattoos. These tattoos are quite popular among a large crowd of tattoo lovers. It is important to go to a reputed and licensed tattoo parlor and check whether they practice hygiene sterilization procedures.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few inner wrist tattoo designs that look extremely attractive on your wrist.

  • Script: This is an ornate or elaborate style of lettering used commonly in tattooing. A script tattoo generally consists of one or two words especially when it is inked on the inner wrist. A script tattoo looks perfect on the inner wrist. You can choose a name, a small phrase or a word that reminds you of something important or that has a special meaning in your life. You can also try getting both the inner wrists tattooed with opposing or complimentary words such as “good” and “evil” or “peace” and “love”. Before getting this tattoo inked it is important to consider the side in which the script should be facing. If you get the tattoo inked towards your side, then the tattoo is for yourself. If the word faces outside it is directed to the people viewing it.
  • Tribal: These are the most popular inner wrist tattoo designs that look extremely beautiful on your wrist. A tribal design generally represents traditional tribal art and is loved by many people as it is inked using black and thick design patterns. These tattoos have various significant meanings. Certain tribal symbols represent healing and protection. An inner wrist tribal tattoo also represents commitment.
  • Kanji: This is an ancient form of Chinese writing which was adapted by Japanese later. These are also one of the popular inner wrist tattoo ideas. There are around 1,900 or even more characters in kanji. You can get any phrase or word inked in kanji on your inner wrist. It is important to know the significance of the word before getting it tattooed. These characters are usually inked in black however, you can get them inked using other colors as well. You can even leave these designs inked only with the outline as well.

These are the popular inner wrist tattoo designs that can be sported by both men and women of all ages.

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