Punk Tattoo Ideas

Many people love to look punk and the punk aesthetic is generally associated with the rock bands and Mohawks. There are several punk tattoo ideas that look cool, bold and attractive. These tattoos generally represent breaking cultural forms, departure forms and freedom. These tattoos openly convey the message of liberty and freedom of an individual thoughts and living style. These designs also help in expressing your individuality in several ways using several design variations. Read on to know more about the various tattoo ideas.

Various Tattoo Ideas
A person who love to express their individuality and who loves to look cool and happening can choose any of the below mentioned punk tattoo ideas.

Band Tattoos: Punk and the message associated with it are identified mostly with the famous and popular punk rock bands. Many people prefer getting the name of a band inked on their bodies as it looks attractive. Sex Pistols, Rancid, Dead Kennedys and Ramones are a few punk rock bands that people usually prefer to get inked. You can even get their album covers inked along with their band name to look different.

  • Anti-Establishment Tattoos: Punk tattoos or designs are all about the definition of established rules. You can use various images in order to embrace this concept. You can get various symbols relating to drugs, anarchy or any other cultural taboos inked on your skin. Make sure that these symbols signifies a statement of your personal choice and which is completely contrary to the public perception.
  • Just “Punk”: This is considered as one of the most simplest form of tattoo ideas. A simple “Punk” word can represent a person’s expression or preference of being totally punk. You can ask your tattoo artist to use various fonts, sizes and colors for this tattoo.
  • Skulls: Sporting skull tattoos is another way of expressing the punk factor. These designs mean a lot to the punk rockers apart from just death. Skull tattoo symbolizes tough and macho. You can sport a skull tattoo and embrace it simply with the word “punk” to look unique and outstanding.

These are the various punk tattoo ideas available, you can also get experimental and come up with your own view of representing your punk factor.

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