Bull Tattoo Ideas

People experiment with various animals for getting themselves tattooed. Many people prefer getting ethched animals like butterflies, panthers, snakes and dragons as they are the most popular choices. Each animal reflects a different emotion all together being it from beauty to rage. Apart from these, people can experiment a lot with the bull tattoo ideas. A bull is considered as a symbol of virtility and strength. You can reveal the astrological sign, or to support your favorite basketball team or a design that will reflect your pacifism. Read on to know more about the various ideas with which you can experiment in several ways.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few bull tattoo ideas that will be of great help for people who are planning to sport a unique and attractive design on themselves.

  • Taurus: Tattoos are mostly sported by people as they consider them as a form of self expression. Tattoos are sported to project a person’s beliefs and personality traits. The Zodiac sign “Taurus” portrays the personality traits of a person who fall in this category or under this sign. A person with this Zodiac sign can sport a bull that will help in reflecting the astrological sign and his/her own personality traits. A Taurus bull represents virtility and powers and this Zodiac symbol also represents sexuality and strength.
  • Ferdinand: A normal bull represents power and physical strength, a Ferdinand bull represents the softer emotions of a person and is considered as a unique bull tattoo idea. This bull is found in children’s book and it is known to sniff flowers, sitting under the cork tree, instead of participating in aggressive bull fights. You can sport a Ferdinand bull tattoo to tell the world that you follow your own heart and that you want to make a peace statement.
  • Chicago Bull: You can sport this bull if you want to support your favorite sports team badly. You can get a Chicago bull painted on your chest, face or any other body part during any sports event. You can support the Chicago Bulls basketball team with the help of this tattoo. This tattoo is usually inked with blood-tipped horns along with the angry look. This logo will also help in portraying your aggressive personality along with the support for your team.

This is all about the various bull tattoo ideas. Make sure you get them inked from areputed tattoo parlor as this helps in preventing any kind of infections and complications.

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