Tattoos on Stretch Marks

Many people may experience sudden weight gain or growth spurt when they are young. This sudden gain or excess weight is mostly seen in women during and after pregnancy. Many people opt for tattoos on stretch marks in order to cover them completely. These ugly, squiggly, claw-like, unsightly appearing lines can be generally observed on the back, arms, breasts, abdomen or thighs. People opt for various ways such as applying potions or lotions on these stretch marks in order to get rid of them. These potions or lotions may not have positive effects on them. You can join them, if you cannot beat them by getting a nice, sexy tattoo inked over them to cover those ugly stretch marks with a stylish touch.

Basic Guide Lines
The following are a few basic guidelines that a person should keep in mind before opting for tattoos on stretch marks.

  • Age of Stretch Marks: Make sure that you have a clear idea on the age of your stretch marks. You should avoid getting yourself tattooed if they are less than a year old. You may have to wait for at least a year to get yourself tattooed. The color of your stretch marks generally fade from purple or pink to a silvery flesh tone after a year’s time making it easy for you to get tattooed.
  • Tattoo Artist: Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is well experienced in carving tattoos on stretch marks or scars. You can even have a check of his/her previous work to have a clear idea on the kind of work he/she does. You can even read the testimonials that have been given by the previous customers. You can even consult a doctor before taking a decision.
  • Tattoo Ideas: You can choose a small design to start with, if the tattoo does not turn out well then you can leave it unfinished. You can use your stretch marked area as a test site to know how well the scarred area would hold the tattoo ink. Choose a design that can cover the entire area. Cherry blossom tattoos are the right option for covering the stretch marks.

This was all about tattoos on stretch marks. Always keep in mind that tattooing over the stretch marks involves lots of pain due to the presence of nerve endings closer to the surface of the skin. There are chances for this site to prevent itself from holding the tattoo ink. Make sure you choose a design wisely so that it covers the entire area neatly and attractively.

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